Factory Conditions: 1800’s

This is some information about what went on with the factory workers during the Industrial Revolution in the 1800′s. The conditions in factories during the Industrial Revolution were very bad for the people during that time. The factories lacked many things that were beneficial to the people and the health department today would be all over it.

Pay was a giant issue. There was very low pay. It could be as low as 1 shilling a day which would be worth a total of 35 cents today. These people who worked in the sweat shops did not have enough money to pay for themselves to live. They were very poor and could hardly afford anything.

The workers had to work long, hard hours. They usually worked, anywhere from 5-16 hours a day working, depending on your age. Children had to work in the shops too if they were poor which was most of the population. You also worked when you were very old. Most of the worker’s lives were dedicated to working in the shops which was very boring and miserable for them.

The Health conditions in the factories were brutal, completely unsanitary. People were constantly sick in them and sickness spread so quickly. There were also many accidents in the factories during the time due to the early machinery. It would usually end up being fatal and one worker died at least every other day in the factories.

Like I said, there were many acciedent because of the early machinery and acciedents happened. The accidents happend almost daily and there wasn’t anything that could be done really to prevent the accidents from happening except modifying the machines a little more. Factories very much lacked saftey.

Anyone worked from childhood till elder years. You needed the money back then so you would have to go and work in the factories which was terrble. The children could not go and get an education, they had to work hard in the factories. When you were older, you worked until you died. There was no retirement of working, they were too poor to retire or do anything like that.

Were given stinky food such as stale bread and water which of course was not a real meal. People would starve and they could not afford food with the salary that they had which was very sad for them.

This was the only job that they were able to get and this is what everybody did back then. There was child labor which is today banned, there wer unsanitary conditions and the factory workers had very low paying  jobs. America today is becoming more and more like that with our sweat-shops.


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